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Designing Lesson Plan

         One of the the main and important step of the teachers' job is designing lesson plan. In other words the experts tell us that the success of the learning process based on  the lesson plan. But we still find many teachers flying over without any plans when doing their job or they have the lesson plans but they don't do like what they write, or they suggest that lesson plans are not needed to be written because they have been in their minds or heads that they can practice at their classes. Or maybe they think lesson plans are not important ???
          In designing lesson plan teachers will define what kind of approach will be taken that is suitable with the competency standard and based  competency according to the national curriculum.  And they also will define what methods and techniques will be applied. And then they will prepare what media and material will be given in learning process. In defining those approach, methods and techniques must  be student centered . Hopefully by designing lesson plan well the learning process will run well, too.
          The steps of lesson plans must  consist of  pre, whilst and post activities, that have to improve from elaboration ( BKOF/building knowledge of the feeling), exploration (MOT/modeling of text) and then Confirmation (JCOT/join construction of the text or ICOT/independent construction of the text).
          When the learning process in the class happen sometime or mostly appear some problems that the teachers don't want, like bad student responses or bad result in evaluation. Yup...these will be good things for teachers as problems that have to be solved. How they solve those problems can be written  as 'A Case Study' and then developed into 'CAR' (Classroom  Action Research). So CAR becomes  the way to repair learning process.   
          For English lesson is hoped in designing plan teachers will facilitate the students to use the language, to make them language users. Don't make them only studying about language but giving them opportunities and chances to use language, so it is suggested to use communicative approach.  
           Learning language will be more effectively using the language, like babies or children learn their mother tongue.This is a kind of natural approach. Teaching language must be relax, without stresses no home wok. But of course it is impossible to be applied in our classes, but some of the idea especially 'joyful' situation without stress should be always available in our classes, so our students will have many experiences to use English by integrated   ways such as Listening and Speaking, Listening and Writing, Reading and Writing or mixed of those four language skills that we have to facilitate in English class.
        Ya what I write here is what I get in P4TK Bahasa Training for Pengelola program Bermutu in Sanur Bali today, July 2nd, 2010, with the speaker Mr Taufik (WI P4TK). And the modul  ( Designing Lesson Plan )should be discussed in English MGMP. I also have copied a big file of teaching English from him, that consist of books , music and video. I'll copy them in CD and I will give them to English MGMP in order to share with other English teachers.

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Imanuel mengatakan...

Most of system are develop without good design and analysis. Just do as soon as possible by script and programming skill. To make a strong and beautiful house you need a good design, good materials and strong foundation. Plan, design, and analysis are the first things you should create before developing 'something'. I proud to know you, one of the brilliant teacher with 'clean view' as long as i knew

Masruroh mengatakan...

Thanks alot Mr.Ragil ,your analogy is very clear and great,that's right that analysis is other task of the teacher after they do the evaluation, by analyzing the result of the evaluation test they should do Remedial program for the weak reached assessment students or enrichment for the good reached ones. And if these tasks do well by all of our teachers (it means they are really professional)I am sure the outcome(quality of our education)must be better and better.... so we still have 'a big job' to make them really professional in job (not only professional on 'certificate')

HARINI.dks mengatakan...

Most of us still use student worksheet/LKS as the main 'tool' to teach. We neglect the basic one we should do. By preparing our learning well, we hope that our students can participate the learning process with great eagerness because we know their condition and needs well. Unfortunately, most of us have lesson plans that we don't make ourselves. We just copy our friends' 'RPP'that may not be suitable for our students.
Thank you for your posting of BBM that contains the material of Designing Lesson Plan.
I think it is very useful for us and for our learning in progress.

M Mursyid PW mengatakan...

Thanks for reminding us.
We're looking forward to the CD. If possible, upload all the files here so that we can download them.

Masruroh mengatakan...

@Bu harini: Ya actually LKS has spoiled teachers & ruined/destructed their creativity or even makes them forget their main professional job. Now teachers have to realize that everything that they make by themselves to their classes show the level of their professional.
@P Mursyid : I ll give the CD as quickly as possible, and if it is possible I'll upload too... but sorry it seems too big to upload all. How about if you take the CD at my home on tuesday, you always pass my home when you go to school everyday ha.... You can ask my man in my book store , ok?

M Mursyid PW mengatakan...

OK, Mam.

Rudolf mengatakan...

I'm glad found this blog I can share about how to design the lesson plan, if you wouldn't mind of course. :-)

my question is about "Taksonomi Bloom" is it necessary to insert C1-C6 in a lesson plan? or we left behind this as we should put it when we would make a test? thank you.


Masruroh mengatakan...

thanks Mr Rudolf, nice to know you and your blog is great too, I think you are right that we insert C1-C6 in planning evaluation, kind of tests we will apply to.

http://lrudolf.wordpress.com mengatakan...

Thanks Ms Masruroh. :-)

Fidyastina mengatakan...

A lesson plan is really do necessary. many great people starts their great project by designing whatever they'll do.

i think designing a lesson plan is not an easy thing to do because there's so many factors that maybe bother us, or even block our way sometimes but it is the challenge, right?

there are so many way to make an amazing plan. just do something different instead of using the common way to teach :D for example, let the students to improve their English by watching any lovely movie or listening any song. what a nice activity to do!

maybe you want your student to be a more bit experienced by asking them to leave any comments here :D that's an excellent idea. and you'll get profit too because your web-log's visitor is increasing... :)) do you have any pay pal id? *ignore it, just kidding*

anyway, you are really do a good teacher. I'm very sorry because I'm a bad student who using any slang language during the lesson. good luck :)