Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Listening to the Radio

    The distance of my home to my office is about 22 km, and  I need about 25 minutes to reach my office from home by car. And to accompany my journey I like listening to the radio and sometime I listen to the music, too. Listening  to the radio is very useful for me because I can get many information from it. But I just do it when I am driving, because I can't do it at home or in the office. Moreover it can accompany my driving, I also get many information from it. And the radio station I always listen is Elshinta. Ya it is a national radio station that always gives latest news in live conversation and always gives good and prime speakers  as source of news. So I listen to the radio about 50 minutes a day, when on the way to office or home.

       But I never listen to the radio at home, may be because of TV. Ya TV has become source of information and entertainment for me and my family. We always watch it to get many latest news and also to waste the time when we take a rest.
     This afternoon, when going home, I was listening to the radio program  'news and talk', the host had dialog with a Man from KPAI (Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia). She confirmed about the result of simple research that held by KPAI in three big cities, Jakarta , Bandung and Surabaya. The research is about Sex Behavior on teenagers (14-19 years old). The result is that 32% of teenagers have ever done intercourse/sex activities. They did it with their boy/girl friends or commercial girls. Wouw... it's surprising. And the reasons why they do it because of pornography media that easily they get from internet, cd/dvd or etc. The other reasons are lack of parents/family attention, unknown about the impact of free-sex, a kind of relationship and lowness of religion education in their family life. 
       Ya if we relate it with education task, not only schools that have responsibilities about it, but society and families have important roles. How are our students... hope although our region is not big cities but  living in  this kind of global era like nowadays improvements we can't reject the global information but we still have responsibilities to save our children from bad behavior...... So let's take care and guide them  in right way..........

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