Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Ramadlan 1433 H

      Welcome Ramadan.... There is a different thing for this Ramadan for my family. There are no kids at home. Only me and my husband accompanied by my two servants from Petungkriyono. My kids are still having their own activities at their campuss.
Mely, my first daughter is still busy finishing her last task of KTI and it's presentation. Wish she will finish her Medical Degree Program of UNDIP at the end of this month and will join the graduation ceremony in the next October. My second daughter Fety is also busy preparing the comprehensive exam of her first year Medical Degree Program of UGM. She is also very busy with her activities as a leader of SCOPH CIMSA(Standing Committee on Public Health – Center for Indonesian Medical Students' Activities) of UGM this year. Wish she takes care her health.....

And my son, M. Fadli Makarim, just starts his new world, studying at Army Military Academy in Magelang. 

Ya , this is the journey of life as parents, happy seeing and supporting the kids to get their future better than their parent's.
And in this Ramadan, we keep pray for their good health, their strong spirit in learning,and for  their success, ameen.

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