Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Missing a Good Opportunity

         Oh my God..... I was so shocked and very sorry, due to my negligence I missed a good opportunity. Ya regrets always comes too late. This morning I opened  my office email address that actually I had not open for about 3 moths. There was an invitation letter from ICLD, Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy, where I ever applied for training programmed. I gave them both of my own email and my office one. But definitely they send it only to my office one. The invitation was about ICLD workshop held in Solo 28th of May -1st June at Novotel Hotel. there were 22 local government invited and attended by 17 Swedish Delegations. Oh No.....If only  I could have attended this workshop. It must be a good opportunity for me and my local government to build a good relationship...... Ya this is my own mistake, why didn't I check the email???? I try to send them my apology and wish I'll get the next opportunity...........

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