Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

New Boss

      We know that at this latest year our local government arranges for all positions in governmental institutions  and official of echelon 2,3 and 4. Our Regent does the evaluation every 3 months, so some officials feel rather worried about it. They feel unstable in working ..... he he he, actually maybe it doesn't matter for others who have spirit in learning everything. They suppose moving as journey of's so amazing, wonderful life. I agree with the last opinion, take it easy.
         Ya after waiting for more than 6 months finally my office has a new definitive boss. The Regent chooses her as the head of BPMPKB, the institution which coordinates and runs about people and women empowerment, and family planning. She is a suitable person I think. She has a good spirit in running he program. She has many experiences as official at Bappeda and Camat in many sub-districts. She also has a good knowledge in planning and finance. Ya....... she is Ir Hurip Budi Riyantini. Wish everything will be better under her leadership. Congratulation for new duty and Good luck Mom.....

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