Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Passing Out....

       Wouuuu. it's so long, near a month I write nothing here. I don't know why my passion in writing go down. Actually I still have much topic to write. One of them is our coming in my son's school farewell at SMA TN Magelang.


        As his parents, we got invitation to come. It was held on 17-18th of June. So I and my husband went to Magelang on Sunday morning, through Semarang fetch my first daughter who studies at UNDIP. She followed us to Magelang because there was no lecture on that Monday. There were two invitations, Sunday night for farewell and Monday morning for Ceremony and Passing Out.
         The farewell held and designed by  the 12th students was so amazing.

And the passing out time was so memorable for every students

Memory of tradition activity doing by students before graduation

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