Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

STIKAP : Launching Arabic and English Program

       STIKAP (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Agama Islam Ki Ageng Pekalongan) is a new Islamic College in Wonopringgo Pekalongan. It is established two years ago by YMI (Yayasan Madrasah Islamiyah) Wonopringgo. It has two Faculties which each  has  one department. The faculty of 'Tarbiyah' (Education) has one department i.e. Management of Education, and  the other one is the faculty of "Syariah" with its department of 'Economy Syariah'. STIKAP gets operational permits   from The Ministry of Religious Affairs in November 2010. After opening registration, they got more than a hundred students. Hope the existence of this college will support improvement the quality of people life in our regency Kabupaten Pekalongan.

         For this two years it has had more than  two hundreds and fifty students and done many social activities and also participated in 'Kopertais Agenda', like getting championship in 'Porseni'. And the other pride news is one of the lecturer-Sabilal Rosyad, M.SI- gets doctorate scholarship at UIN Sunan Gunung Jati Bandung. And another good thing is one of  lecturer's proposal of paper  approved by Kopertais to get some fund to do.
          To encourage the students in preparing themselves in pursuing Overseas Master Degrees, this morning STIKAP launched The Arabic and English Program. It will be attended by 30 selected students. The will have attended the program for two years so they have a good competence of Arabic and English which becomes one of requirement in all overseas scholarship.
Congratulation.... wish it will run well.

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fiqih janhari mengatakan...

hopefully with this program students STAIKAP ready to compete with the outside world and can qualify for a scholarships abroad.

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fiqih janhari mengatakan...

Keep up the excellent work , I read few articles on this site and I think that your web blog is real interesting and Power to the People of excellent information.
Hopefully people who read this article will be interested in the program given by STIKAP who intends to make students able to compete abroad.

Name : Mohamad Fiqi Janhari
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