Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

13th Salary

       Good news for Civil Servants (PNS) that 13th salary has been paid in July. And in Kabupaten Pekalongan we got it last Friday or Saturday. It is really needed especially for school fee or other our children's need. And the special thing in the 13th salary is that it is not cut to repay our debt obligations..... he he ....cos most of Civil Servants have it.

This year the government raised civil servant salaries by about 10-15 percent. The increase in base salary was listed in the Government Regulation Number 11 Year 2011 concerning the Thirteenth Amendment to Government Regulation Number 7 Year 1977 About the Regulation of Civil Service Salaries.

With an increase in salary, the lowest basic salary for civil servants for Rp1.175.000 Group I with a 0-year tenure. The highest basic salary enjoyed by officials of echelon I or Group IV E with 32-year tenure at Rp4.100.000. For a list of civil servant salary look at this link.

To the basic salary of TNI / police with the lowest rank of Rp1, 23 million. Salary was given to Private Second sailor Two (TNI) and Police Bhayangkara Two tenure with 0 years. While the largest base salary, Rp 4, 2 million, earmarked for the highest rank of generals, admirals, marshal, or police generals with tenure of 32 years. To the basic salary of TNI / police see this link.

Therefore  as Civil Servants, we should carry out our duties well, full dedicated, and always give better performance.

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mialahqof.blogspot.com mengatakan...

Firman Syah TA.B
congratulations !!!!!!!!!! for PNS have dropped their 13th salary, we hope to increase their salaries increased performance and welfare their families better, and their children can be more high schools, for the future of Indonesia.

Anonim mengatakan...

In few Latin American countries (Brazil) , 13th Month salary is mandatory and is paid as a bonus.

In Indian Context, to minimize Cost, 13th Month Salary is a good option provided it is paid in One single installment at the end of year
in Indonesia 13 salary awarded since the government abdurahman Wahid

I agree salary is paid on July 13 to help pay cost school my children
( Ghozali, Stikap/TA.C )


Alkhamdulillah ......

Anonim mengatakan...

I think the 13th salary of the civil servants should be used firstly for subsidizing the financing of livelihood of the people in the economic, social, health, etc. Secondly, the government imposed a moratorium on the recruitment of CPNS for the next six months is very appropriate way to be applied in order to save the state budget and to avoid state's debts, of course. Since both can be used for welfare.
Thank you.

Commented by: Anik Afifah

Ainur Ro'fah mengatakan...

Thirteenth salary is something really to be expected, all civil servants (pns) are happy with the salary, but no cuts (for who has debt) as well as an additional extra for children needs or the needs of a wife / husband. But the thirteenth salary is sometimes is not routine or even sometimes doesn’t exist, all depending on the policy of government authorities at the time. We always hope that the salary is always there, despite the government is change.
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Anonim mengatakan...

With the 13th Salary, means the better life of PNS, so the performance of PNS should be more then on the job. Ok? do not like absent, bro!

Farida Ariyani

Anonim mengatakan...

set aside of salary to 13 pns for sodaqoh dzuafa in this country

Elok Ulumiyah

Anonim mengatakan...

Thanks God, I'm glad to hear it. But whether the salary increase is offset by public facilities and infrastructure repair, such as education. Given that education is the main factor of a State, if education in a country well advanced and the human resources produced good too. Various pros and cons certainly will erjadi with an increase in salary. And with what reason the government raised the salaries? Was it for the welfare of a group of people who are already prosperous. I would agree more if the funds are used to improve public facilities, but if not I will also agree if that raised his salary is not wasting it.

Andi Kurniawan TA.2