Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Reunion 2

        Last August  I wrote about my reunion with my friends in IKIP, Chrispina Retno Setyo Adhi  who has a Dutchman husband and live in Netherland. Last Monday Februari 7-8th, 2011, I met my other friend when we were in IKIP in 1986-1990, Zulina Rahmawati. After graduating from IKIP she works in Cathay Pacific Airline and live in Hongkong up to now.  She contacted me through Facebook that she would have holiday and stay for ten days at her home in Ungaran. 

        When I had a meeting and stayed in LPMP Srondol  for Rakor PPTK that day, she and her husband pick me up to have a night at their home in Ungaran. Ya it took about 10 minutes to LPMP from their home. We were very happy to meet each other after 21 years old. They have only a 5 years old daughter . Because of living in Hongkong Zahra speaks Cantonese (like Chinese for Hongkong), English and Bahasa Indonesia. But she speaks English much. Ya really learning language is easier for children......
        I and Zulina talked much until we slept maybe about 2 am. So I woke  up late about 6 in the morning. And then they took me to LPMP at 8 am, because I still had a meeting up to 12, and they would picked me up again at 1 pm to meet my friend Dewi, an English teacher in SMA N 1 Semarang.
       Because of their daughter's (Zahra ) condition was not well, they picked me up at 1.30 pm and then we picked Dewi up in her school, and then we spent that afternoon  in Dewi's home. It was very exciting time . We talked much because we haven't met each other since 21 years ago. Wish we can meet some day maybe in Hongkong....he he.

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Anonim mengatakan...

I know your feeling Miss... it was interesting, isn't it ? we can meet our friends and share about everything. sometimes we spend a lot of time just to share each other.

Maslah Lusiana

Anonim mengatakan...

Dear Mrs.siti masruroh

I think.
Reunion was very enjoyable and very interesting. With a reunion we can meet,get together with our friends who have not been met. We can exchange experiences and talk about our lives.

Thank's mom...