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Email from friends we met in Beijing....

         After having seminar in Beijing in April 2008, some friends around the world keeps in touch by sending massage through email. I like it, we feel that we have been good friends after passing two weeks in China enjoying the seminar, tour and visiting some media spots. I'd like to copy some of their email to us here, maybe they are useful for teachers as examples in their teaching material.........
O ya one of particpants who speaks in french  and not good in English was very interesting because of his expression in repetition of "Again.....again", when we were taken a photograph so he was popular with  "Mr. Again", so it is very memorable....

I. From Linda, Seychelles( a country in Africa):

Hi Everybody,
Yes, the sample pictures are surely great reminders of our days in China. Nearly a year later the memory is till vivid.
It's nice to hear from each other from time to time despite of our busy routines but at the same time I do think we should keep the link open. I still remember everyone of us despite the distance, like the saying goes 'far from sight but close to the heart' (loin des yeux mais près du coeur).
Stay well and let's keep the memory alive
Linda Rosalie
P.O.Box 321
Tel 248 289661 Fax 248 289660 (off)
II. D K Sengbeh,  Liberia :
fausto-Timor Leste message back the raw memory ofb Beijing with few more days remaining to mark the anniversary of our convergence in that great part of our ine world.
looking at thise splendid-living pictures on my  computer's monitor, tears nearly gushed down my cheecks. yes, they are true reprersentatives of our beijing days when we ate DONKEY in shanxi Again and Again..........
If you dont know what those pictures are, let me remind you: L-R: We areseated in our usual bus on one of those fantastic tours; Our man from Macedonia is enjoying himself; Oh, We are eating DONKEY in Shanxi, the last two indicate our visit to the historic grat wall. Yes that's beijing, the unforgetable place!
D K Sengbeh
Mr. Liberia

III.  From Fausto-Timor-Leste:
Dear All

Hi Beijing-Media people how is life there / we are in one branch and don't cut down that beautiful branch.
Next week will be exactly a  year in China and we tested a donkey meat in Xianxhi.
Please go to the attached few pictures together in China 2008

IV.  From Sebastian,

Nihao and good day, everyone. Yes, we must maintain the link open as Linda stated. Egain...and Egain...and Egain....and Again. But wait a minute why come I never hear from my friend Again himself? Hope he didn't layover for good in Parish. And also my friend "Local language good, but English No-good?" If anything those two friends of mine were the highlights. So you see, sometimes it's not the seriousness of things that sticks but natural act sticks better. Oh well.
Xie xie puka chi,
Sebastian F. Tamagken
Yap State Government DY&CAChief Of Media & Protocol
Post Office Box 117
Colonia, Yap 96943FM
Office: 011-691-350-KUTE
Fax: 011-691-350-4426 

Hi everyone,

It is hard to believe almost a year has passed since our two weeks in China. I only have fond memories and i look at our photo and often wonder how everyone is doing. 

Happy anniversary
Beverley Sinclair
(1 473) 417 3467

VI. From Kenya


Greeting from Kenya. I am well and moving education through media an extra mile.
The rains are here with us and we truly thank God.
Egain is very much there, I think he is being silent again and again  and again the n he will be available.

Xie Xie

VII. from Sebastian again :

!!! Again and again and again and again over and over and over again and again. the heck are you my friend? Long long time no hear. English no good. hahahaha. i like that.

Alright man...keep in touch. I am actually in Beijing now working for the Embassy while studying Chinese language for 1 year. Ni hao everyone.

Sebastian F. Tamagken
Chief Of Media & Protocol Div.
Department of Youth & Civic Affairs
Yap State Government
P.O.Box 117
Colonia, Yap 96943FM
Office: 011-691-350-KUTE (5883)

Fax: 011-691-350-4426
 VIII. From Nepal

hey friends.
it has been long time. we some friends keep in touch. not was a really nice time and moment in Beijing. I am good . and I am at london. If any one here in London. Please let me Know.

Bimal Gautam (youngest participants)
Bimal Gautam
mobile:  44-7586707269
IX. From Kenya

Dear All,
Well well what do I say. My work has continued to be more hectic again and again and again.
Major progress in education through media in Kenya.

Most welcome

John Kimotho

 Dear John;

Greetings to you and the crew from Beijing 2008. It is certainly good to hear that the media is playing a significant role in education in Kenya. Keep up the good work. I wish you well in your efforts.

Beverley Sinclair
(1 473) 417 3467
Care deeply, speak kindly, love generously

XI.  From Hawa Sulaeman, Eritrea

hi dears beijing group
it is nice to meet again and again,
we in Eritrea are doing well and some of us are keeping in touch in
many ways emails-facebooks ....ect.
I wish to all of you a happy moment through out the year
Sabastian you are again in beijing what lucky man you are!!!
hawa from eritrea

XII. From Guinea

Thanks to All to be keeping in touch
Ms Saran from Guinea


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M Mursyid PW mengatakan...

It must be exciting to have friends from other countries.

Masruroh mengatakan...

Yes is a great experience for me...

yeni mengatakan...

After reading your writing, I remember that I also have foreign friends whom I met in Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC)in Karang Tengah, Demak which is held by PKBI Jateng in 2003 when I was studying at UNNES.It was unforgettable. They're japanese, korean, and french. And they so.....rarely taking a bath, only sun bathing, hoho..
Soon after we passed that camp, we actively sending email. But after few years unfortunately we lose contact. I ever met one of them in FB, Japanese one, but I think she rarely opens her account..
Beyond that, it's nice to have such an amazing moment with them in the past
BTW thanks for confirming my fb...I'm very glad to know you, Mom..

Masruroh mengatakan...

@yeni ..u're welcome...thanks for visiting my blog...nice to share your amazing moment...