Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Bermutu Meeting in Petungkriyono

     This morning I went to Petungkriyono to visit the Bermutu meeting held by KKKS and also attended by 2 teachers from each elementary school there. There are 24 Elementary Schools in Petungkriyono so there are about 70 teachers and principals in the meeting. There are one KKKS and three KKGs in Petungkriyono taht get DBL (Blockgrant) from Bermutu projects.  And this is the first year for them to involve in Bermutu program. Last year there are only 8 sub-districts who involved in Bermutu without Petungkriyono.
    Actually the clusters in Petungkriyono had held the in-service meeting since last two months, but at that time I couldn't come there because I had agreed to come in other clusters in northen subdistrict. So I make a date to come today in KKKS meeting.
    I gave many informations about Local Government policy, Bermutu programs, and also about the latest policy of teacher especially about Permenpan no 16/2009. If we see the rule , we will know that bermutu program has a good place and a good chance for teachers to do CPD (continuous professional development).
    I really understand that it is not easy to fulfill the requirements to be a professional teacher but all the teachers have to know about it. They have to make themselves aware and usual to that requirements, so I have to support them and facilitate them.
    I appreciate to all teachers who works in mountainuous area like in Petungkriyono, Lebakbarang, Paninggaran and Kandangserang. It is not easy to transport in those area but the people need education. So it is fair if government gives a special fee for them and also other rewards. But they also have to show good dedication and performance also good result of education quality. So for teachers who works in easier area should show better result. We always hope a better thing.................

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Mas Oeit mengatakan...

ma thank has given information very good for we teachers, motivation and construction always we intended by education progress at petungkriyonod

M Mursyid PW mengatakan...

Petungkriyono! I've never been there though I've been here (in Pekalongan) since 15 years ago.
We all hope that 'bermutu' will really be able to play its important role, especially in improving teachers' professionalism.
Let's just move on!!!

Masruroh mengatakan...

Pak Mursyid u should have gone there..... so u will feel so grateful that u are placed in ur school now......

mutiara mengatakan...

Assalamu'alaikum, Mom..
I will comment your written about "Petung Kriono". Two weeks ago, I went to there. That is a good experience in my live. In my opinion, children in Petung is very nice. Whether they live in mountain area, they are smart as children in country. They can speak in Indonesia fluently. They are very friendly, kind, polite, and fun. I think this is evidence where children in Petung is be educated as children of country. I very proud with they... @_@

Mom, I'm realy sorry, I late send my assignment.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb.

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