Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

Flying to Batam and By Ferry to Singapore

At the end of last September up to October 3rd, 2013 I had an interesting job from my boss, that was replacing his chance as a Head of BPMPKB Kabupaten Pekalongan to attend the Capacity Building of BKKBN Jateng for the heads of  KB office. It was held at Batam, Kepri. We found that the performance of KB official was very great. They have to come many islands. So for making the KB program runs well, they have to make a good network, and involve others official and enemy or navy.

The other things made the participants great was acrossing and going abroad to singapore by boat. Mr. Sri Wahono, the head of Central Java office of BKKBN said that it was a kind of his appreciation for our performance in gaining some target of KKB program. We needed 45 minutes to get the Singapore harbour. It was a great time, so we could refresh our mind by attending and sight-seeing closely a narrow country but  a wealth one, that can attract many people to come and visit many tourist spot. The other superiority of Singapore is service of its hospitals. Many people come here to heal or hospitalize. The special thing we amaze is  pursuence of its citizents to law. Ya it's because the government serve the citizents correctly and consequently. Wish our country will do like iit.....
@Soeta airport: Waiting the flight to Hang Badim Batam

 @Marina Bay

@Singapore Flyer 

@Enjoying The Song of The Sea 

After having lunch @Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant

 @Have a night and getting breakfast at Orchard Hotel Singapore

@Universal studio

After shopping @Orchard Road

Back to Batam we visit Barelang Bridge:

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