Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

Going Around to Bali - Capacity Building of 'PLKB'

       After finishing many family programs in 2013, ' IPeKB' -the association of family planning field official- of Kabupaten Pekalongan had an activity of capacity building at Bali. This activity was held to make them fresh after doing many jobs for a year by visiting some spot tourism at Bali. This was a first chance for most of them visiting Bali, the most popular tourism spot in Indonesia. Mr, Casmidi, the leader of committee said," a pity I am, visiting Bali in the age of fifties".

 In this moment, BPMPKB through Mrs. Megawati as Kasubid KB announced the man of the year, those who were able getting most  family planning acceptors for 2013, the 1st was Mr, Imam Pribadi (PKB Kesesi) and the 2nd was Mr. Kusmanto (PKB Kandangserang). In that moment I -in the name of head of BPMPKB- gave them the prize (some of money). It was reported that gain of new acceptors in 2013 comes to 22.263 or100,12% from the target 22.236.

           By the help of one travel agent and a guide from Denpasar - Mr Dadang , we can enjoy the journey for five days, friday  to Tuesday,10th-14th of January 2014. Some spots that we visited were : Tanah lot, GWK, Kute beach, Tanjung Benoa, Bedugul Lake, and we shopped at Sukowati Market,  Krisna, Dewata, etc. But more that we got was unity to get new spirit to do many programs in this year.

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