Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010


       After 20 years graduating from IKIP, I met my best friends this afternoon. It is very exciting.... cos I just know about  Retno Adi in few months through facebook. She lives in Holland with two children and a husband. And knowing that she and her family have vacation in Indonesia I would like to meet them in Semarang. I try to contact others but unfortunately  they are busy and can't meet in Semarang. Only Dewi who lives in Semarang and works in SMA 1 Semarang  is able to meet us. Ya we talk many things about us, hope we have another time to meet again. It is very short but impressing....

       Really I like this reunion. I take my husband and my daughters to meet them. And I dream once a time I and my family  can go to Europe and meet my friend there... he he I don't know when but I am sure  .... Hope Allah give the chance to me to go to Europe any time......amien.

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Anonim mengatakan...

I like this opinion
I feel, reunion is very nice if we can to meet our best friends, whenever if we never to meet them for long time.
It seem to us, whole grudges will express to them about us, our family, our job and etc.
So I hope some day you will meet her and than exchange some experience,
It's so very nice, I think...

your pupil
Zainal Abidin Nasri

Anonim mengatakan...

the best friend is very good and even better than the family in loyaltyand kindness.Because of that ,If it experience of sparating tha is long enough an far enough . It must appear missing so much .it might be experienced by Mrs Siti Masruroh . I suggest you to contact him/her by internet or facebook ,after you get the address, you visite him/her soon to make reunion . from HASAN Ta A STIKA

Anonim mengatakan...

Meet with old friends it was fun so maybe we'll forget the time, because such an opportunity is a rare opportunity especially with their busy very difficult to spend time at all. with a reunion we can up to do and tell stories about many things.
May the mother's expectations to be achieved masruroh go to Europe and meet with friends old mother, who now was in europe.

Amir Ma'ruf