Rabu, 25 Mei 2016

No Connectivity makes me down to write

 Wow.... it takes a year I don't write here anymore!!!

Yeah there so many things I should share here, but because I have a trouble of internet connection at my office (so slow, no cable or WiFi from my room). Actually I have a good one at home, but the problem is on my laptop, although it is new there is a problem of inter application. Wish it will be better , now it is still get guarantee  in its store. There should be my old computer, and now I succeed use it after I got a cable for internet connection like years ago. Thanks God... from this morning I promise to make my blog live again....he he he

O ya because of my android HP, I am still able to share everything through other media social like Facebook, Istagram and WhatsApp(WA). Especially from WA now I have so many groups of chatting, it's really making our communication easier and meeting so many old friends.

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