Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

Happy New Year 2013

       The year 2012 has been a  history as we take a life journey into 2013 facing challenges ahead. Let's embrace such challenges with humility, fear of God, endless prayers and thanksgiving to God, extending helping hands to those in need, unconditional love to the family and friends, and praising God for whatever happens in life.Happy New Year, have a blessed 2013.
        Our annual activity at the end of the year was delivering my son to his campus at Military Academy Magelang, after finishing his ten days holiday at home. But we also took my mother and my brother while visiting their good friends at Turi Sleman and my brother's family at Pathuk Jogja. We spent the seconds turn of the year at Jogja by going around this city with my daughter who still learns at UGM.
         The first day of 2013..... we passed it by visiting my brother and having breakfast together at Gudeg Yu Jum Wijilan. Then we visited my sister in law  at Garongan Turi, how cool it was, a stretch of salak garden we found there. At noon we took my brother back to his campus of Military Academy Magelang. It was the poignant moment take the child to fight and gain knowledge in the military, and we can meet again next semester, at next holiday. Yups... have nice time to learn my son, Good luck! we love you very much.

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