Rabu, 01 Februari 2012


         At the end of January, my boss at my office, got a big news. She got a decree from the Regent. She is free from her duty as the Head of BPMPKB ( The Office/Agency of Community, Women and Family Planning Empowerment ) from the date of  February 1st, 2012.
        She should be retired last two years, but the Regent gave her extension of time duty for two years up to next May 2012. But now the Regent has his own consideration and assessment, gives her The Period of Preparation for Retirement (MPP in Indonesian) for four months. So she will get her full salary for that moments.
Ya Good luck Mom, Have nice time in your retirement ....... Wish you have a better life and keep having the role and benefit in community............

While waiting the officials definitive , Drs. Mujiyanto- the Assistance of Economic, Development and Prosperity Affair- is appointed to handle the office of BPMPKB.

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