Minggu, 16 November 2014

Happy Graduation Day

Last month was a great day for my beloved daughter Farah Maulida, because she succeeded finishing her study program at Diponegoro University. On last 29 October, 2014 she was inaugarated brightly and officially as  a doctor in graduation ceremony leaded by its rector Prof. Sudharto who has given speech cheerly and amazingly. Because it was his last profession as  rector of UNDIP.

Mely, we called my daughter, has graduated with cumlaud as she got cummulatively IP 3.78. ..... it's so proudly. Wish she will always do with her best too in passing her proffession.... ameen. Congratulation dear dr. Farah Maulida.

On the next day, 30 October 2014, we attended the ceremony of "Sumpah Dokter"/inaugural  oath doctor held by the dean of UNDIP medical faculty.

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vivit hestinawati mengatakan...

wow, very impressive. mely get a doctorate and get the highest IP. all it can to motivate other people to like Mrs mely. the parents must be proud to have a son like mely. i hope i can be like him. keep spirit to mely and good luck always. i am very proud of your family.