Selasa, 17 Maret 2020

Visiting My Son's Family

Having other social media (FB and WA) makes me not open my blog... for more than a year!!!

It is March 17th, 2020... when I open my GMail there is a notification about my article of Forum Anak, it makes me here now.

There were so many stories I had that I should share here but I didn't do it... Oh No!!
Ok , I think my passion in writing here should be supported again...

Let me try to start telling about my activities last week end, we went to Jonggol Bogor to visit my Son's family. 

He is a soldier, exactly  Military Police of Army, he works and lives in Battalion of Army Military Police in Jonggol Bogor.

He just came home from Saint Louis, Missouri , USA last week after attending MPBOL (Military Police Basic Officer Leader) Course for about 6 mounths. To get this chance of course he had to follow sequence of tests. Alhamdulillah he was able to finish the course by receiving two kinds of AWARDS, those were *Physical Fitness Award* and *International Officer Honor Graduates*... So proud of Him.

Oya to support him , his wife Classica , his daughter Galena and  his mother in Law accompanied him for the last three mothns there.

It is really a very worthy and valuable chance and experience for his next career.
Congratulation my Son!!
Good luck for your next career in Army Force!!

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